Cobalt Consultancy

Providing assurance to Organisations and Individuals

What we do…

Providing assurance to our clients through the services we provide.

Organisations and Individuals are susceptible to issues from variety of threats, whose methodology are wide ranging.

Whether a highly technical approach or basic, they have the ability to disrupt processes, damage or destroy property or harm individuals.

Threats need to be identified and managed.

Cobalt offers services that provides assurance to clients through conducting audits and assessments.  This enables an individual or organisation to be cognisant of and act upon the risks that have been identified and to manage such risks to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable, but also within our clients risk appetite.

This can be through a single service or holistic service offering approach.


Cobalt Intl provides services to Government Depts within UK and Overseas.  Providing consultants and instructors for capability development tasks.

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Protective Services

Cobalt provides protective services for Organisations Individuals, U/HNWI, and Individuals in the public eye.

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Business Assurance

Cobalt provides assurance to businesses through its Security and Risk Management Services.

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