Protective Services

Providing Tailored Security Solutions to Organisations and Individuals

Cobalt Consultancy

Within our group Cobalt Consultancy provides protection services to organisations and individuals.

Our consultants undertake tasks for which they have many years of experience.  Each consultant is allocated due to their specific skill sets.

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Close Protection

Cobalt can provide Close Protection to individuals and their families where there is a need to provide a level of security to the Client and their family.  Our Protection Officers are former military and police officers with extensive experience with the field of personal protection.

Cobalt Personal Close Protection Officers are assigned to our clients for their personal protection.  This can be a single officer or part of a 24/7 protection team.  The officers also work alongside residential teams and escort teams each have their own specific tasks to undertake, though operating seemlessly.

Protection can be within UK or Overseas, with Cobalt providing forward recognisance prior to client travel.

Personal Close Protection Officers can also be extended to close family.

Cobalt as part of its Protection Services provides Mobile Escort Teams who provide protection to individuals and their families whilst on the move.

Residential Teams

Cobalt can provide residential officers or teams for families requiring protection whilst in residence.

Our Services are tailored to our clients but we can provide but is not limited to:

Cobalt can provide a full suite of Protection Officers to operate within and outside of the Residence.  All officers are former Close Protection Officers from either military or police.

Cobalt can provide a team of Security Officers, providing a full time security presence within the residential grounds.

This can include a dedicated Close Protection Officer within the residence.

We will place a number of security personnel at the residence whilst its occupants are away, ensuring the property is protected 24/7, thus giving its owner the peace of mind whilst away.

All our security officers undergo security vetting to BS7858, the UK Security Industry Standard for private Manned Guarding.


Cobalt Intl provides services to Government Depts within UK and Overseas.  Providing consultants and instructors for capability development tasks.

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Protective Services

Cobalt provides protective services for Organisations Individuals, U/HNWI, and Individuals in the public eye.

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Business Assurance

Cobalt provides assurance to businesses through its Security and Risk Management Services.

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