Business Assurance

Protecting Government Assets

Mitigating risk through a holistic approach with layered security measures

Consultancy Services

The consultancy services we offer are independent and provide an objective view on the operation, as we are external we are less susceptible to internal politics and or internal situations.

Our consultants are former Government, Military and Law Enforcement personnel who are knowledgeable and experienced within their fields.

Consultancy Services

Security Risk Assessments (SRAs) are undertaken by Cobalt.  Working in partnership with our clients we get to understand your organisations and what is critical to your business to enable it to function.

Our SRAs are designed to identify threats to your business, how they can be executed and what would be affected.

We will also advice on the level of security measures to be applied, this will be dependent upon your company assets, as well as you people, we will also look to other critical assets that need protecting.

Our Security Risk Assessments (SRAs), for both sites and single buildings are designed to meet the needs of the BREEAM Assessment standard.

We have conducted numerous assessments to support BREEAM certification.

Cobalt can provide a full turn key solutions for the design, specification of security systems followed with the installation and maintenance.  Systems include:

  • CCTV
  • Automated Access Control Systems (AACS)
  • Intruder Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Perimeter Detection Systems (PIDS)

Cobalt can also advise on secure rooms, including doors, locks, windows and walling systems.

One of the greatest threats to any Government depts is the insider threat.  We can advise on what measures can be put in place to minimise the likelihood of an insider threat.

Electronic Security Systems provide good access management and intrusion detection, however, physical barriers are required, Cobalt can advise on:

  • Perimeter Fences
  • Vehicle Access Barriers
  • Doors/Roller Shutters
  • Windows/Grills
  • Pedestrian Access Barriers
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures, permanent and temporary

We can undertake surveys which will review the resilience of a department or site.  Understanding the operation allows us to review its resilience and provide, where necessary, appropriate recommendations.

Cobalt can facilitate and conduct Penetration Tests and Reconnaissance Exercises for Government depts.  These are designed to assess a building or sites security posture and identify vulnerabilities through testing and observation.

Training Services

Training we can provide and which can be tailored to department requirements.

  • Operational Resilience Surveys
  • Security Risk Assessments.
  • Personnel Security


Cobalt Intl provides services to Government Depts within UK and Overseas.  Providing consultants and instructors for capability development tasks.

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Protective Services

Cobalt provides protective services for Organisations Individuals, U/HNWI, and Individuals in the public eye.

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Business Assurance

Cobalt provides assurance to businesses through its Security and Risk Management Services.

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